SRSA Cup 2017

The Swiss Rotor Sports Association (SRSA) is holding the drone-racing SRSA Cup 2017 within EPFL Drone Days 2017, which will take place from 1-3 September. EPFL, known especially for its research and innovations in robotics, is organizing the event, which will also include a robotics showcase by the Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research Robotics (NCCR Robotics) and the international Drones conference and expo by the World Air Sports Federation (FAI). Pilot slots are limited to 64 (first come, first served). The competition will focus on the Race category, including a Night Track as a special. 

We've listened to your comments after the Drone Nationals last year and decided to restrict the race to only Swiss Residents in addition to allow different VTX.


Terms of participation

- Domicile in Switzerland (nationality does not matter)
- Valid RC-Insurance
- Tramp or Unify Pro VTX
- OSD with pilot name mandatory
- Failsafe mandatory

Important note: a confirmation of the insurance has to be shown during the registration process at the event. If a pilot can't proof that he is insured he can not start (no exceptions).

 During the security check our team tests if the Quadcopter fulfills the technical requirement (OSD, Failsafe, VTX).

The pilots will be responsible to set their video channel correctly before their heat. They will be called early enough to prepare for the next round. Before the start they will have 30 seconds to fix a wrong frequency, if a pilot is not ready, he can't start.

If a pilot powers the quad while other pilots are in a race, he will be disqualified for the event!



  • max. 330 frames
  • max. 4S LiPos (no LiHV)



Why do we only accepts Swiss Residents?

SRSA is a Swiss association with the goal to promote drone racing in Switzerland and more over rise the profile of the Swiss Pilots.
In 2016, after the 1st race in Payerne organized by SRSA, some Racers complained about foreign pilots. So we took time to think about it and we came to the conclusion it makes sense to limit access to only Swiss Residents for the next event to ensure similar skills of all competitors to give same chance to every Swiss Pilot to finish on the podium. In addition to ensure a good representation of every country in Europe, we call every other country to do the same for the Eurocup qualifier. Traveling cost money and time and it should not dictate who can participate to the Eurocup. For those who love to travel to international events we also want to motivate other countries to organise additional races, which are not official qualifiers.


Why 64 Pilots?

We think asking Pilots to come for a 3 days event and being knocked out after the qualification was not fair. We believe the overall experience will be greatly improved if every participant has a chance to race in the final stage on the last day. Qualification would then only be used to create pools. Being force to flight at 4 is due to OFCOM regulation; having more than 64 Pilots with this limitation will certainly generate more risk of chaos during the manifestation and a less enjoyable experience for the Pilots. In the future, we are thinking to organize 2-3 national qualifier events to bring the best Swiss Pilots to the big final. As any other sports, it takes time to put everything in place, and we need your support to achieve that. Rest ensure SRSA is working hard for all Swiss racers, from rookie to more advance one.



Ersa Euro Cup 2017

The best 4 pilots qualify for the ERSA Euro Cup 2017, which will take place October 2017 (more info will be published by ERSA. As ERSA is still looking for venues we can't tell you much at this time).



Since the SRSA Cup is part of the EPFL Drone Days there will be a lot to discover besides the race, including robotics showcases, conferences and expos! More information can be found here:


Night Track

There will be a Led track on Saturday evening as a special, provided by the Association "FPV Racer Schweiz", which is the biggest community in Switzerland and has joined by SRSA to push the sport together. The night race is for fun, everyone who wants to participate on the night race needs LED LIGHTS on their quad, otherwise he can't start.



Pilots can profit from a special deal for accommodation, details will be sent with the confirmation mail of the registration.